Why Life Is Just Better With A Dog 🐶🐶🐶(A Mini Golden Doodle!)


1. Dogs relieve your stress…according to a study conducted by A. Katcher and A. Beck, playing or even just petting a familiar dog lowers blood pressure and heart rate, slows breathing and relaxes muscle tension almost immediately.

2. Dogs are good for your heart…according to the’American Journal of Cardiology’ heart attack patients one year later had a much higher survival rate than non-pet owners.

3. Dogs make us happy…even just looking at a dog can make you happier. Owning a dog can help alleviate depression…in all ages..

4. Dogs increase our social interactions with other people…people stop and talk to others when out with their dog. Teenagers and young adults who grow up with a dog become more confident and empathetic.

5. Dogs keep us physically active…dog owners walk an average of 300 minutes per week and non dog owners walk only 168 minutes. Those walks around the block are good for you!

6. Dogs make us want to take care of them…K. Lorenz stated that a dog’s facial features are known as social releasers and bring out a  caregiver response in us humans.

7. Dogs can make you more attractive to potential love interests…a study in England showed that 60% said that owning a dog can make a person seem more attractive and 85% said that people seem more approchable when they are with a dog.

We love our dogs because they love us…especially a Stone Willow Miniature Doodle!”

article by Jan Reisen AKC  Family Dog Magazine