Puppy Shopping List/Food

Wire Crate– small size, 13″ wide by 16″ tall and 22″ long…A larger crate also works. Make sure it has a divider.  A divider or cardboard box is needed to make a small area for the puppy…if he/she has a whole crate, he will consider the back end as his personal potty area! An old towel is fine to start with for the puppy to sleep on because puppy will chew it and it needs washing often.  As puppy matures, is not chewing and is housebroken, crate is optional. Crates can be found at Pet Stores and Amazon.

Puppy Pen-If you need to leave your young puppy for longer than 3 hours during the day, he/she will need a bathroom spot…but you don’t want him start to go potty in his crate. Consider an indoor puppy pen. Amazon and pet stores  have plastic, wire, and webbing puppy pens.  A Puppy litter pan with puppy litter will work…Puppies will tear up, make a mess of  and shred puppy pads or newspaper. Put down a waterproof tarp or shower curtain on the floor first. Try this set up first with the puppy to see how it works before you leave the puppy alone. **It is still much, much better to have someone come in to walk your puppy, and comfort it rather than leaving him alone for long periods during the day while the puppy is young.**

Doggie Gates-these can also be used instead of a puppy pen to make a small area for the puppy during the day if no one is available to take puppy outside every 2/3 hours. Set the area up as described in the puppy pen above. I still recommend the puppy not be left alone for long periods when very young. **Crates are still better for safety of the puppy unless the puppy will be alone for a long period during the day without a bathroom break/walk.**

Collar/Leash  Collar approx. 10″. A cat collar fits, and they often have a bell so you know where your puppy is! Puppy will soon outgrow first collars.

Food– Blue Wilderness Grain Free Chicken Puppy Food(dry, not canned. Other good puppy foods that feature meat as first and second ingredients are also fine. If needed, I can send your puppy home with 2 days of Blue Wilderness puppy food. Grain free food is better for less tartar build up on teeth

Toys, food and water dishes…your puppy  never has enough toys especially chew bones with nubs. I do send your puppy home with a toy and swaddling blanket with siblings/Mom’s scent for comfort.

Water  I have well water. If your water is chlorinated, it is best if you buy a bottle of spring water and mix with your home water for a day or two so there isn’t an abrupt change that can cause puppy tummy upset. Tip Puppies LOVE to play with empty water bottles…remove label and screw top. They love the crackle sound!

Pet bells-to hang on the door handle. Tip Great for teaching puppy to notify you when he needs to go outside! Found on Etsy and eBay and pet stores.

Sweater/Coat– During cold/wet weather a sweater or coat should be used. Young puppies are chilled easily….besides they look adorable on puppies! Tip look for velcro fasteners!

Zero Odor- spray –breaks down and destroys odors indoors from urine and feces so puppy won’t go back to the same spot…found at Bed, Bath &Beyond or may need to be ordered online.

**Puppy Class** I Strongly recommend a ‘Puppy Classfor your puppy and you! It will be the best 6 weeks for you and your puppy! A puppy/dog that has learned basic obedience will be a joy to be around….a spoiled puppy/dog isn’t fun to be with. Tip It is also very important to continue socialization with your puppy with other dogs, new people, new sounds and new situations!

Vaccinations  make an appointment for your puppy to receive its second  vaccination at about 4 weeks after the first vaccination.  There is a series of 3 vaccinations needed in your puppy’s first year. I recommend to hold your puppy off the floor in the Veterinarian’s waiting room to avoid disease. I do send your puppy home with it’s health records from our Vet.

Bone strength   It is important to Not allow your young puppy to jump down from a couch, chair, stairs, your arms etc., until they are older because your puppy can easily injure their joints(elbows) which will cause lifelong pain, increased arthritis or even an expensive operation. Young Puppies are tender little things!